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Hockey Equipment

Matrix Sports is a premium manufacturer of top-quality sporting clothes and equipment. We combine patented technologies with an artistic precision to create world-class sporting goods, so that our customers can raise their game to the next level.

Our mission is to not only provide the finest selection of prestige gear, but also to encourage health and fitness across the board. We are passionate about sport and take pride in providing our customers with next-gen gear that offers appropriate protection and improved performance.

Here you will be able to find everything that the avid hockey player needs! Whether you’re a complete newbie, or you’ve significant experience, our quality equipment will exceed your expectations. In fact, these world-class standard items not only look fantastic, but they’re designed to bolster the players abilities as well.

We have protective hockey shin pads, branded MX hockey astro balls, hockey kit bags and carbon fibre sticks, all of which are made to the highest standard and are available at the most competitive prices.

Hockey is among some of the oldest recorded sports known to man, given that we have evidence of ancient Egyptians playing ball games with curved sticks as much as 4000 years ago! It’s safe to say that in that time we have managed to develop technologically sound hockey equipment which has allowed us to take the sport to a whole other level. So, if you want to take the court by storm and master your game, you needn’t look any further than Matrix Sports.

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