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Carbon Fibre Hockey Sticks

Matrix Sports is a leading manufacturer of high-end sporting equipment. We combine the latest patented technologies with an unparalleled artistic precision, to produce premium sporting equipment so that our customers can get the competitive edge that they need to improve their game.

We’re passionate about sports, and value quality above all else. We believe that there is no greater cause than the pursuit of physical excellence – the best way to do that is through competitive sports and pushing ourselves to our full potential.

Whether you’re new to hockey, or you’re a seasoned professional, our range of quality hockey sticks will exceed expectations. Here you will find a selection of the finest hockey sticks, designed and developed to offer maximum performance. Our carbon fibre sticks are lightweight, durable and offer players of all skill levels the ultimate hockey experience.

Hockey is among the oldest sports recorded, with evidence of the ancient Egyptians playing ball games with curved wooden sticks over 4000 years ago. Since then we have honed and developed our technology, finding the perfect recipe for premium quality sporting equipment.

Have a browse through our selection and see if you can find the perfect fit for you. Our sticks not only look great, but they offer the best performance. So, take your game to the next level and gear yourself up with only the finest equipment. Our sticks are incredibly competitively priced, particularly given just how brilliant they are. At Matrix Sports, we bring the action to you!

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