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School Uniform Christ Church CoE School Chorleywood

We are proud local suppliers of school unifrom for Christ Church CoE School based in Chorleywood Hertfordshire.

At Matrix Sports we are proud to provide our customers with a diverse range of high-quality clothing products and accessories. We also understand the great value in teaching our children the importance of physical education, group sporting exercise and their general health and fitness. It is also valuable to instil a sense of pride in their appearance, which is why Schools today still enforce a strict uniform code amongst their pupils.

We’re also aware of how rapidly our children grow, and the need for quality and affordable School Uniforms which are durable and long-lasting.

Here you’ll discover a variety of School Uniform items for Christ Church, Church of England School in Chorleywood Hertfordshire. We stock most items from ties, PE Shorts and Skorts, jogging bottoms, bags, footwear, socks and sweatshirts.

We stock PE sweatshirts which are available in either black, or the Schools signature Claret. You will also find standard Christ Church School jumpers which students are allowed to wear over their shirts. Our Summer polos are fresh and light and can be worn as a substitute to a button-up shirt during the hotter months.

We also have a couple of gym bags, one generic and the other with the Christ Church C of E logo on it. We have regular PE shorts which have been designed for active children and PE Skorts for girls, which look smart and are incredibly comfortable to wear during exercise.

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Christchurch CoE School

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