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St Clement Danes School Uniform - SCD School Uniforms

Below is our range of St Clement Danes Secondary School Uniforms. For many years we have been the No. 1 local provider for SCD school uniforms..

At Matrix Sports we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality clothing and accessories, above all else. We are also passionate about health and fitness and understand the value in encouraging our younger generations to enjoy physical education, taking part in team sports exercises and taking pride in their individual performance and fitness. We also appreciate how rapidly our children grow and why it's important to keep them in comfortable School uniforms which fit them properly.

Our high-quality School uniform products are durable and easy to maintain so that they can be passed down through your family. Here you will find a variety of School Uniform items for St Clement Danes Secondary School in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire.

We have a variety of fresh white Summer Polo tops for both boys and girls, which are ideal for physical education and wearing as a substitute for a button-up shirt during the hotter months of the year. We stock black cycling shorts which are made of an extremely light and airy lycra-spandex, making them perfect for physical education and convenient to wash and dry.

In addition to that, we stock a number of SCD jumpers and cardigans featuring the St Clement Danes School logo on them. These can be worn by students over their button-up or polo shirts on colder days, allowing them to stay warm whilst still maintaining a smart and uniformed image for the school. And they can also be worn in PE during the winter for extra comfort and warmth.

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